CSAW CTF 2013 – Qualification Round

Main Website: https://ctf.isis.poly.edu/

CSAW CTF 2013 Debriefing:


My team’s (0x4E534901) ranking at the end of the CSAW CTF 2013 Qualification Round event.

The CSAW CTF 2013 event was the second CTF event I had participated in at the time, the previous one being earlier in 2013, it was also the largest of the two. I was the team leader of the team called 0x4E534901 which was made up of 3 students including myself (@tty0x80 & @ginaux), we score 1650 points and placed 308th overall out of the 1387 teams that participated in the CTF. I’ll be writing a write-up for all the challenges that we completed during the event, but for now I’ll just talk about my experiences I got from the CSAW CTF and as well as working with my team.


The completed challenges for my team shown in green.

The CSAW CTF was well organised and was great fun participating in, for me the reversing challenges were the most fun/painful as I had little to no reverse engineering experience, but during the challenge I was able to complete two reverse engineering challenges and score 300 points for my team from them and I also enjoyed exploitation 100 quite a bit, though at the time it took a bit longer to complete then it should’ve due to oversight on my behalf.

Team Writeups:

CSAW CTF 2013 Preparation:

As preparation for the event the alpha team used the NSI network security lab to practice, also read through past write-ups from the CSAW CTF events and I also worked through the CTF questions from the Cyber Security Challenge Australia 2013 event that I wasn’t able to complete during the actually event. I started reading both of the following books as part of my preparation for the CTF but wasn’t able to finish either in time:

About the NSI Teams:

Students from the degree program I am currently enrolled in have decided that we wanted to participate in the CSAW CTF 2013 event which is being held in mid September of this year. After getting back size-able amount of interests from the students it was decided that we would enter two teams into the challenge, an Alpha (0x4E534901) & a Beta team (0x4E534932). The Alpha team was made up of 4 students with myself as the team leader with the most CTF experience compared to the other students of the degree, this team’s goal is to get as deep into the event as possible. The beta team was made up of 8 other students who are new to network security and/or CTF events with Thomas (part of my team in the Cyber Security Challenge Australia 2013 event) as the team leader). It was decided to do the team structure this way so the new students didn’t get overwhelm to much and were able to go through the CTF event at their own speed.


Link to dropbox directory containing some of the challenges from the CSAW CTF 2013 qualification round.


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